Hydro Street Brewing Company

The Hydro Street Brewing Company’s video is finished! Check it out below, or venture over to their website (www.hydrostreetbrew.com) to watch the video and learn more about their establishment.

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Synergy Paintball Challenge – A look inside

We recently finished Synergy Paintball’s second video which a great look inside a typical visit to their fields. Get an idea of what it is like to gear up and get ready for the action! If you haven’t given Synergy a try, you need to add this place to your to-do list for 2012! Visit Synergy’s website today to book your group outing!

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City of Independence Town Hall Meeting

Back in January of this year, we had the opportunity of filming the Town Hall Meeting for the City of Independence. The meeting had a great turnout (at least a few hundred people) and featured speakers with a wide range of backgrounds. The meeting touched on some hot topics currently taking place in the city and lasted about 2 hours. We have recently finished compiling the video and it can be seen on the city’s public access cable channel (and maybe on the their website sometime in the near future). This was our first time filming a live lecture-style event and it sure went well! We shot with 3 HD cameras, two of which were Canon DSLR’s.

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Hydro Street Brewing Co.

Last week we traveled up to Columbus, WI to shoot some footage of a new brewpub/restaurant that opened up within the past few months. If you enjoy top notch beer and farm fresh food, this is a place you NEED to check out. All the beer on tap at this establishment is made in house by brew master Aaron Adams. He has roughly 20 varieties of beer that he brews at different points throughout the year and tries to keep anywhere from 7 to 10 available at all times. His wife, Sandye Adams, has put together an excellent assortment of fresh meats, vegetables, breads, and sauces all produced locally from the surrounding communities. Keep an eye out for our promo we are doing for them in the upcoming weeks! In the meantime, check out their website and follow their blog to get the latest and greatest updates.

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First Synergy Paintball Video

Here is our first video for Synergy Paintball Challenge – a quick look at the excitement and action you can take part in at their facility! Coming soon is a video with some testimonials from people that have played here before and a sneak peak of what it would be like for you to arrive and get signed up to play!

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Synergy Paintball Challenge

We are currently working to produce a video for Synergy Paintball Challenge, a great place in Olmsted Falls to have a lot of fun and get some exercise. They have some awesome fields and a wide variety of games to play on each field. Check out their website and book a group outing! www.synergypaintballchallenge.com

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BWC – Be The Best

Here is a video we made for a video contest at Baldwin-Wallace College.  We really tried to highlight the fact that BW is known for being small and no matter who you are or what your major is, you have an opportunity to make a BIG difference in everything you do.  BW students, faculty and staff strive to Be the Best.


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Happy Thanksgiving!

I snapped this picture before all the guests arrived and the disorder began. Something about the table centerpiece caught my eye as well as the way the table was perfectly set and calm, uncluttered with food, family and great conversation. I thought I’d share this with you so you too can have a sense of peace before your holiday festivities begin. I hope You can take a deep breath and enjoy a split second of time to reflect on what makes you happy and calm in life, and then go enjoy the company of your family/friends/loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Thanksgiving Centerpiece

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Olmsted Performing Arts

Starting tonight and continuing through Saturday night, Olmsted Performing Arts (www.olmstedperformingarts.com) is performing The Wizard of Oz. Check out their website for more details and be sure to get your tickets, the show is going to be fantastic! Here is a video we made for OPA to show the public what they are really all about:

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Hi Everybody!

Here you will be able to follow along and participate in discussions about anything photo/video-esque that you are interested in!  For now, we will begin blogging but we ask that you bear with us as our website is being built.  You may notice some changes as the next few weeks go by, so please let us know if there is anything you love or hate along the way!

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