Hi Everybody!

Here you will be able to follow along and participate in discussions about anything photo/video-esque that you are interested in!  For now, we will begin blogging but we ask that you bear with us as our website is being built.  You may notice some changes as the next few weeks go by, so please let us know if there is anything you love or hate along the way!

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One Response to Hi Everybody!

  1. Darlynn says:

    Hi Joe…so happy Reeltime is taking off! Anyone can see that you put your all into creating a video that not only fulfills the purpose or intent of the creation of the video, but without a doubt surpasses your expectations! I can feel the emotion of the people in the OPA video. With a lot of videos you only get one chance to capture the moment, but you have an eye for those moments! I am proud to recommend you to anyone for any video or photo projects I become aware of!